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Academy of Heroes

Quick FAQ

How can I join?
To join, enrollment must first take place. That is the only time you can join.

When does enrollment take place?
Enrollment happens at the end of every semester. We will announce the opening in our journal when the time nears.

Can I reserve a spot or be on a waiting list?
No. Applications are first come first serve. The waiting list is only available to those who attempted to enroll but did not make it in time.

May I post my character sheet in my gallery before enrollment?
Yes. Actually, to be prepared for enrollment, it is encouraged to do so.

How many seats will the new semester have?
It depends on the outcome of each semester. If certain conditions are met, we may raise the seat limit of each house.

Tips for Prospective Students

1. Read all of AoH's journals. That way, you won't miss out on important information. Read through the 3-page guide (at the top of links) to get a good understanding of AoH.

2. Have your character sheet done in advance. Because enrollment is first come first serve, you'd want to do everything you can to be one of the first few!

3. +Watch the group to keep up with any new information.

Read the full FAQ:…

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Now accepting affiliation requests! :heart:


Recent Journal Entries

Update 1: Hi, it's me again. I'm going to extend enrollment by around 1-2 weeks, probably 2, and will only start accepting on the last week. In the meantime, we will be pushing out certain updates. So just in case you've already prepared your character and we change something that may affect him or her, you will have the time to make any changes, but I hope you won't have to. We will keep you all informed! Thank you for your patience. -Winnie


Hi everyone! Enrollment is now open and student applications can now be submitted for approval. Please follow the guidelines below to make sure everything's good to go!

Enrollment Details

Opens: Sunday, November 23, 2014, Now
Closes: Sunday, December 14, 2014, 11:59PM EST (GMT-5)

By applying, you agree to have read and understood the rules of AoH.

How To Enroll

  1. When enrollment opens, press the "Join our Group" button on the left sidebar of our front page.
  2. Provide the following information in the comment box that appears in the join dialog. Failure to do so will jeopardize your chances of getting in.
    • Name of your student character
    • One sentence of why you would like to join AoH
    • (Optional) And any additional information you'd like to tell us
    • Link / thumbnail to character sheet
  3. When you are accepted into the group, submit the character sheet into the [Students - Enrollment] gallery folder. You will be randomized into a house after enrollment closes and settles.

Application Example

Name: Evelyn Dawn Eiriol
Reason: I would like to join AoH because I love Daryl to RP!
AoH: Evelyn Dawn Eiriol by winnietehpoohie

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