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Academy of Heroes

Quick FAQ

How can I join?
You can take your chances at joining when it's time for enrollment!

When does enrollment take place?
Enrollment happens at the end of every quarter. We will announce the opening in our journal when the time nears.

Can I reserve a spot or be on a waiting list?
No. Applications will be selected via raffle, and will only be accepted after the character is approved by a staff member.

May I post my character sheet in my gallery before enrollment?
Yes. Actually, to be prepared for enrollment, it is encouraged to do so.

How many seats will be available each enrollment?
We will be accepting 6 applications every quarter.

Tips for Prospective Students

♥ Be sure to watch us to stay up-to-date with all of AoH's journals. That way, you won't miss out on important information.

♥ Have your character sheet done in advance and share it with us so we can get it approved before enrollment begins. Be sure to follow our character creation guidelines so it's acceptable by our rules and lore. Otherwise, you might end up changing it a lot.

Read the full FAQ:…


Now accepting affiliation requests! We love you all! :heart:


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Since June 19, 2011

Recent Journal Entries

Lottery Enrollment: Closed

Mon May 4, 2015, 4:01 PM by winnietehpoohie:iconwinnietehpoohie:
Sorry for the wait~ Let's welcome the following new students to the academy! Please visit their CSes and say hello!

AoH- Kodama, Mika by vicfania8855 AOH - Shizue by WIonW [AOHC] |Xena| by nenetriz

Going into Incarnatus, Flavescens, and Roseus respectively.

Thank you for joining and we hope you have a good time! Please do come by the chatroom often and chill with us.

- Winnie


Update: Enrollment is closed~ Checking entries~

Missed last enrollment? Now's your chance! We have opened 3 seats for new students, except this time it will be by lottery.

Enrollment Details

Closes: Saturday, April 11, 2015, 11:59 PM EDT (GMT-4)
Drawing: Sunday, April 12, 2015

By applying, you agree to have read and understood the rules of AoH.

How To Enroll

  1. Complete your character sheet with the necessary bio.
  2. Press the "Join our Group" button on the left sidebar of our front page.
  3. Provide the following information in the comment box that appears in the join dialog. Failure to do so will jeopardize your chances of getting in.
    • Name of your student character
    • One sentence of why you would like to join AoH
    • (Optional) And any additional information you'd like to tell us
    • Link / thumbnail to character sheet
  4. When you are accepted into the group, submit the character sheet into the [Students - Enrollment] gallery folder. You will be randomized into a house after enrollment closes and settles.

Application Example

Name: Evelyn Dawn Eiriol
Reason: I would like to join AoH because I want to build a story for my character.

More Journal Entries



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Aiaix Featured By Owner 1 day ago  Hobbyist Digital Artist
//punched in face with nostalgia

my sweet home, how I miss you
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jimmyzoudcba Featured By Owner Jul 5, 2015
cool :D
going to try to come in next semester :D
LOL so many traps :DDDD
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seinii Featured By Owner Apr 21, 2015
By the time the new semester comes around, is it alright to switch out my current character for a former one? I don't remember if we had to reapply, but I do want to come back, even for a bit.
(1 Reply)
TheKrispiestKreme Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2015  Student Digital Artist
you know i have to give you props. this group has been going on for 8+ years. good on ya. LOL
vicfania8855 Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Could you let ne know when the nezt enrollment starts please?  All I have to do is fill in my oc's bio :)
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xXVampnekochanXx Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015
; u ; I want in on this!! WHen are applications open? 
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IceeBlue Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm afraid I'm going to have to leave the group, as I realized that I no longer have the motivation to continue using my character.

Thank you for having me here the second time around, and best of luck with all your future endeavors~ o/
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moomoko Featured By Owner Mar 5, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
uwaaaa so close to the deadline//cries//i'mnowhereclosetofinishing//so swamped in school work o)-<
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