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Academy of Heroes

Quick FAQ

How can I join?
You can take your chances at joining when it's time for enrollment!

When does enrollment take place?
Enrollment happens at the end of every quarter. We will announce the opening in our journal when the time nears.

Can I reserve a spot or be on a waiting list?
No. Applications will be selected via raffle, and will only be accepted after the character is approved by a staff member.

May I post my character sheet in my gallery before enrollment?
Yes. Actually, to be prepared for enrollment, it is encouraged to do so.

How many seats will be available each enrollment?
We will be accepting 6 applications every quarter.

Tips for Prospective Students

♥ Be sure to watch us to stay up-to-date with all of AoH's journals. That way, you won't miss out on important information.

♥ Have your character sheet done in advance and share it with us so we can get it approved before enrollment begins. Be sure to follow our character creation guidelines so it's acceptable by our rules and lore. Otherwise, you might end up changing it a lot.

Read the full FAQ:…


Now accepting affiliation requests! RP groups only please. We love you all! :heart:


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Since June 19, 2011

Recent Journal Entries

Event Shop

Mon Jun 13, 2016, 10:02 PM by Winyumi:iconwinyumi:

Welcome to the Event Shop! Here we feature unique items that you can use to expand your character's AoH experience. We only deal with special Event Credits, which you earn through events, so any cash your character is holding will not do you any good here.

To make a purchase, check the student list if you have enough EC, comment below with your character arriving at the location and making a purchase of an item of your choice. A staff member will confirm your purchase. All items are used immediately upon purchase and takes in effect after character's next awakening.

Just a reminder, you can only have up to 16EC at a time, so be sure to use them. :)

Prices are subject to change.

Registration Office

Location: Academy Main Hall
NPC: Cessia

"Welcome to the registration office. How may I help you today?"

House Transfer - 5 EC
Move your character to any house of your choice. House points are non-transferrable.

Small Pet Licence - 8 EC
Register a pet of your own design the size of a volleyball or smaller. Staff approval required. Template must be used.

Medium Pet Licence - 12 EC
Register a pet of your own design the size of a labrador retriever or smaller. Staff approval required. Template must be used.

Large Pet Licence - N/A

Shop Collection


Each potion is a single dose. Please wait 1 hour between each dose of a potion--not doing so can make you sick!

Healing Potion - 1 EC
A green potion made from a blend of healing plants. It speeds up the character’s natural healing, clearing up cuts, scrapes, bruises, and other injuries in minutes, and stops bleeding from any wound.

Strong Healing Potion - 4 EC
A dark green potion made from a concentrated blend of healing plants. It speeds up the character’s natural healing, curing more serious wounds in minutes, and leaving worse wounds in a better state to heal naturally.

Potent Healing Potion - 8 EC
A red potion made from a blend of rare plants. It significantly speeds up the character’s natural healing, knitting flesh and bone back together from even near-death injuries in minutes, though it does not necessarily restore consciousness.

Restorative Potion - 1 EC
A glowing blue potion made from an infusion of mana-rich plant extracts. It immediately restores a small amount of eden to the character.

Strong Restorative Potion - 4 EC
A glowing light blue potion made from a concentrated infusion of mana-rich plant extracts. It immediately restores a large amount of eden to the character.

Potent Restorative Potion - 8 EC
A glowing white potion made from the rarest of plants rich in mana. It restores all eden to the character and allows the character to cast spells without draining themselves for about a minute.

Antidote Potion - 2 EC
A yellow potion created from select toxins of various sources. This potion can neutralize most common poisons within minutes of imbibing.

Potion of Invisibility - 4 EC
A clear, sparkling potion made from rare flowers. This potion turns the drinker invisible for 15 minutes.

Potion of Might - 4 EC
A bright red-orange potion made from rare fruits. This potion gives the drinker the ability to lift five times their normal ability for 15 minutes.

Potion of Swiftness - 4 EC
A transparent cyan potion made from rare seed extracts. This potion gives the drinker the ability to move five times their normal ability for 15 minutes.


These enchanted trinkets may not have the same power as a proper spell, but they can be used again and again. Some of these items may come with...less than pleasant side-effects, so please use them with caution.

Crystal Torch - 4 EC
A hand-sized quartz crystal engraved with runes on each of its facets, attached to a steel handle. When the bearer applies a little eden, the crystal glows as brightly as a torch for one hour. The crystals come in several different colors--clear, pink, purple, yellow, purple and yellow, green, and blue.

Lantern of the Stars - 4 EC
A small lamp with two runes enclosed inside--one for light and one for defying gravity. Attach the lamp to an object of choice, then apply a little eden and your character will soar off into the sky. However, the lantern’s magic only works at night.

Bracelet of Talaria - 4 EC
A small brown stone, polished into a shimmering sphere and engraved with a single rune, attached to a bracelet. When the bearer applies a little eden, their bodies begin to hover an inch/two centimeters above the ground, and when they jump or fall their descent is slowed. This effect lasts for an hour.

Twin Crystals - 4 EC
Two clear, thumb-sized quartz crystals cut in mirror images of each other, attached to gold pendants with runes inscribed on the surface. When a minute amount of eden is applied to one pendant, the crystal glows for a few moments with the softness of a firefly light--and the twin crystal also glows. This effect works as long as the bearers of both pendants are within a mile of each other.

Lotus Cornett - 4 EC
A ceramic cornett with a lotus-shaped end that comes upward, glazed with blue and green on the stem and pink on the petals. Left by itself, it tends to gather condensation. When blown into, the cornett draws water into the lotus, gathering within seconds about a cupful to hold, and when played it can manipulate the water into fun and interesting shapes and patterns depending on the song.

Phoenix Horn - 8 EC
A small horn carved of ruby and inscribed with gold runes. The horn, with a little eden, can project a moderate stream of fire when blown into, or it can burst into flames in the user’s hands.

Midnight Shard - 8 EC
With an application of a moderate amount of eden, this deep black glassy shard absorbs the light in a 10 foot radius, making even an area of bright sunlight look as dark as a moonless night. This effect lasts for 1 hour.

Frost Ring - 8 EC
This small, silver ring feels icy, even when it’s been thrown into flames. With a moderate investment of eden, the user can freeze up to a cubic meter of material with a single touch. The ice is supernaturally solid, safely supporting the weight of a few people. The ice melts after an hour at room temperature, faster in hotter conditions and slower in colder ones.

Ring of Power - 8 EC
This small, golden ring feels surprisingly warm to the touch. With a large investment of eden, this ring not only can turn the bearer invisible for an hour, but it can also allow them to clearly see eden auras and detect invisible beings.

Demon’s Choker - 16 EC
This choker looks like it’s made of hematite and it feels heavy around the neck. When utilized, it tightens around the neck enough to draw blood and turns deep red, though it can be removed with a bit of struggle. It greatly increases the power of spells and allows casting even when the user runs out of eden, at the cost of their blood.

Void Cloak - 16 EC
The fabric of this cloak shimmers with deep dark, made from an unknown material. Grows excited and feisty when exposed to Eden. Wearer becomes highly resilient to magic, but their own Eden is also rapidly sapped away by the cloak.


Not necessarily magical, but they make great trinkets and presents.

Crystal Hyacinth - 1 EC
Beautiful glassy-looking flowers that chime slightly in the wind. They have a strong, pleasing scent. This plant is perennial.

Happy Chocolates - 1 EC
Cute little chocolates shaped like hearts and stars. 12 of these chocolates are contained inside a translucent red bag, in either single-flavor or variety-pack with three different flavors. They come in dark chocolate, milk chocolate, white chocolate, and can be filled with strawberry, raspberry, caramel, or toffee. Eating one gives a feeling of elation, making them a great pick-me-up in sad times.

Starry Apricot - 1 EC
The Starry Apricot is a bowling ball-sized blue-purple-black fruit that has roughly the same flavor and texture as an apricot, if a little sweeter. The main attraction of this fruit is that the flesh inside has hundreds of small, softly-glowing white dots that look like stars against the night sky. The pit, too, glows like a giant star. While it is not magical, it is certainly a delicious treat that can be shared with friends!

Avinny Plushie - 1 EC
How cute! It’s so soft and almost looks real! Comes with the choice of a ribbon, a wizard hat, or a little plush bow and arrow.

Carrot Pillow - 1 EC
This 6-foot long pillow is extremely plush and comfortable to sleep against.

Cephaloshroom Plushie - 1 EC
The mushroom-squid plush toy that nobody wanted. Comes in three color varieties--pink, blue and yellow!

Other Locations

To be discovered.

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