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Academy of Heroes

Quick FAQ

How can I join?
To join, enrollment must first take place. That is the only time you can join.

When does enrollment take place?
Enrollment happens at the end of every semester. We will announce the opening in our journal when the time nears.

Can I reserve a spot or be on a waiting list?
No. Applications are first come first serve. The waiting list is only available to those who attempted to enroll but did not make it in time.

May I post my character sheet in my gallery before enrollment?
Yes. Actually, to be prepared for enrollment, it is encouraged to do so.

How many seats will the new semester have?
It depends on the outcome of each semester. If certain conditions are met, we may raise the seat limit of each house.

Tips for Prospective Students

1. Read all of AoH's journals. That way, you won't miss out on important information. Read through the 3-page guide (at the top of links) to get a good understanding of AoH.

2. Have your character sheet done in advance. Because enrollment is first come first serve, you'd want to do everything you can to be one of the first few!

3. +Watch the group to keep up with any new information.

Read the full FAQ:…

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Countdown to The End of S5 Exam

Countdown ended
Sunday, October 12th @ 9:59pm

:iconlickplz::iconkumashake6plz: Time to grade your assignments! Results should be up within a week.

Recent Journal Entries

With almost 70% of poll participants requesting an extension, we have decided to grant your wish!! Although the due date has been extended, there is few rules to follow; just to be fair to those who has worked extra hard to submit their work on time. So please read carefully.

:bulletred: Exam comics have to be more than three pages or more than 10 panels strip. It needs to be inked and detailed with screentone or grayscale shading, or full-colored.
:bulletyellow: Exam pictures have to be lined, colored, shaded, and completed with background.
:bulletblue: This is the time to finish not to start, so either way, your work must look and feel completed.

You have it till 19th of October. Any question? Please feel free to ask.
Good luck heroes!!

Winnie: Hi! Winnie here with just an update! I hope you all have been staying on track with your exams because there's only 1.5 days to go before the deadline! Yep! Only 1.5 days! Only-- 1.5-- WELP I BETTER GET DRAWING TOO-- OK BYE!

Aug 23, 2014

Chapter IV - An Unexpected Altercation

After all the excitement of the ball and several days of travel, the Caelestis Edenia finally docks back on the campus island. No doubt, most are eager to finally get off the ship while talking about all the exciting things that have happened. Professor Tien is one of the last to disembark, and he takes the other teachers aside to discuss a few important matters. Anyone nearby may overhear something of exams...

Suddenly, a long, dragon-like creature flies in and lands before them all, dwarfing even the magnificent airship, and four people--the spring ball hosts?!--jump off its neck and point at Tien all at once.

Monome Icon for 'Winter Ball' by winnietehpoohieSarama Icon for 'Winter Ball' by winnietehpoohieDiunne Avatar by QuattrochiSylphie Avatar by QuattrochiHosts: YOU. You jerk! Hand over the Crystal of Miracles now!

Tien Avatar by QuattrochiTien: Um... :iconwthplz:

Sylphie Avatar by QuattrochiSylph: Oh don't play dumb--we know it was you! You're the one who knocked us out, just when we were gonna make that crystal our most valuable treasure!

Monome Icon for 'Winter Ball' by winnietehpoohieMonome: You completely ruined our perfect plan to be the ball hosts to get everyone's guards down, then take the crystal and fly off without a trace while they blame all of you!

Sarama Icon for 'Winter Ball' by winnietehpoohieSarama: Zzz...! Oh, yeah...we were gonna be the most powerful pirates in the world.

Diunne Avatar by QuattrochiDiunne: When we woke up it was gone, and you're the only one who could have taken it.

Tien facepalms tiredly, already unamused by their antics.

Tien Avatar by QuattrochiTien: Even if I did, what makes you think that you can--

Suddenly, the shortest one of their group--the blonde-haired girl with the pointed ears--vanishes...then reappears, holding a small, palm-sized crystal. She giggles and winks at the headmaster.

Crystal of Miracles by Quattrochi
Illustration by Quattrochi

Tien, for his part, blinks before suddenly patting down his body.

Tien Avatar by QuattrochiTien: :iconwh-plz:

Sylphie Avatar by QuattrochiSylph: So we underestimated you a bit. We're not doing that again. Farewell, ahahaha!

The four pirates bow, leap back onto their dragon, and take to the air in a flash.

Tien Avatar by QuattrochiTien: :iconwhywouldffffplz: SSLDKFAHDGHSKDFJ--

A short amount of time later, Tien gathers everyone at the Academy for an emergency meeting. His face is very dour...moreso than usual.

Tien Avatar by QuattrochiTien: Everyone, this is an emergency. That crystal that they took, the Crystal of Miracles, is a very powerful artifact. It's said to have enough power to give life itself...but in the wrong hands, it could cause another disaster like the one we had several months ago. We need to get it back. If nothing else,consider this your exam--everyone onto the airship!

As soon as they're ready, the ship departs once more, this time chasing after the dragon. The Caelestis Edenia more than proves it is top of the line, easily catching up with the creature. The four, of course, take notice.

Sylphie Avatar by QuattrochiSylph: Oh, you really are chasing after us. All right girls (and guy, and Monome I don't even know about you...but girls is just me and Diunne so uh...girl, singular? My head...), attack! Let's show 'em how it's done!

The dragon swoops over the ship, and three of the four pirates drop down from its back...and summon monsters!

Semester 5 Exam

EDIT: Here is the list of students and the exams they are taking.

Please sign up on the comment section below to let the world know which scenario you are choosing.  I'll attach a link to the list later. That'll help your fellow students to coordinate collaboration effort and to get the permission for their OCs cameo appearance. Please include your name, your OC's name, and house name. Thank you for your help!

You heard that right folks--it's exam time, and here's what's going down!

:bulletblack: Three of the four pirates--Monome, Sarama and Diunne--are attacking on the deck with their attacks and their summons.
:bulletred: The pirates' dragon pet is directly attacking the ship with blasts of wind breath, and its huge size and power make it very difficult to take down.
:bulletblack: Finally, Tien is going to confront the last pirate, Sylphie, and take the crystal back.

Thus, it's all up to you to utilize the skills you've gained so far and assist with what you can.

ASSIGNMENT: Choose one of three tasks for your character to participate in and depict their involvement and story. You may complete this assignment as a comic or as a single illustration. The following links are to comics that will further explain what your character will be expected to do in each scenario.

:bulletred: Comics must be at least black and white.
:bulletblack: Single illustrations must be flat colored.
:bulletred: Sketches will not be accepted, whether as the final submission or as a placeholder.
:bulletblack: Collaborations will be accepted as long as everyone is given due credit for their part in making the comic or illustration.

If you have any questions, feel free to post them here or comment on the comic of the part in question. You will have until October 12th to finish your assignment. Good luck everyone!

More Journal Entries



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