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Quick FAQ

How can I join?
You can take your chances at joining when it's time for enrollment!

When does enrollment take place?
Enrollment happens at the end of every quarter. We will announce the opening in our journal when the time nears.

Can I reserve a spot or be on a waiting list?
No. Applications will be selected via raffle, and will only be accepted after the character is approved by a staff member.

May I post my character sheet in my gallery before enrollment?
Yes. Actually, to be prepared for enrollment, it is encouraged to do so.

How many seats will be available each enrollment?
We will be accepting 6 applications every quarter.

Tips for Prospective Students

♥ Be sure to watch us to stay up-to-date with all of AoH's journals. That way, you won't miss out on important information.

♥ Have your character sheet done in advance and share it with us so we can get it approved before enrollment begins. Be sure to follow our character creation guidelines so it's acceptable by our rules and lore. Otherwise, you might end up changing it a lot.

Read the full FAQ:…


Now accepting affiliation requests! RP groups only please. We love you all! :heart:


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Recent Journal Entries

As students and teachers alike walk within the campus of the Academy, those who gaze upon the skies of early summer may be able to see a curious black spot in the midst of the clouds.

Image by DjRoguefire.

Debris fall from this mysterious hole. It’s mostly dust, dirt and other particles incapable of harm, however, some may be lucky (or unlucky) enough to find something else...

Fantine Icon by Winyumi Fantine: What’s this…

The magistra picks up an unknown object that found its way to the Academy grounds.

Image by NaitomeIya.

Sofya icon 1 by alucinarae Sofya: That is…
Fantine Icon by Winyumi Fantine: What is it?
Sofya icon 1 by alucinarae Sofya: It’s… something important. Where did you find it?
Fantine Icon by Winyumi Fantine: Oh, it just fell from the black thing in the sky…
Sofya icon 1 by alucinarae Sofya: The students might have their hands on more of these. We have to notify them as quickly as possible.

Those who cast Perception spell see the hole as threatening black shadows…

Image by DjRoguefire.

yuki icon by alucinarae Yuki: The hole in the sky… It’s an Abyss Rift! But this Rift looks more stable than other Rifts I’ve seen...
Tien Avatar by Quattrochi Tien: Do you find any valuable information on the relics the void expels to this land?
yuki icon by alucinarae Yuki: Tien! ...Sofya appears to know something about them. I’ll go speak to her.

The Search for Relics

Image by NaitomeIya.

Apparently, mysterious relics are falling from the equally mysterious opening in the sky.

Tien commissions the students to search for and collect any relics from the Rift and turn them to the Academy staff for processing.

Sofya however highly discourages students from actively participating in the search, and if any are discovered, students must not interact with them but instead notify her or one of her phantoms.

Image by alucinarae.

The phantoms can be found in hidden spots and corners within the campus grounds. It is possible to pass by them along the hallways of the school building. You could find yourself being confronted by one too, telling you to "Please... give... that."

Yuki gruffly reminds everyone that the dot of haze is technically an Abyss Rift and therefore caution must be exercised when coming in contact with anything that comes out of it.

Participating will earn your character EC. In order to join, you must do any of the following:

  • Draw your character finding a relic and/or telling about/bringing it to any of the Teachers or one of Sofya's phantoms.
  • Draw your character seeing the hazy hole on the sky.
  • Draw your character responding to the situation in general.

Participation to this event has no deadline yet. There will be updates regarding this in the future.


  • Nobody can keep the relics for themselves. Sofya’s phantoms will take them away.
  • The phantoms appear somewhat smoke-like and are intangible. They don't seem to respond to most anything that have nothing to do with their assigned task.
  • The opening absorbs any spells cast into it.
  • Right now, the opening is too small for anyone to fit through it.

Previous Chapter: [link]
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Are we allowed to join? Or is the S7 Class only open for people who joined beforehand? Sorry for being a bother!
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HNGG-- I MISS THIS RP GROUP >//A//<)/ One of the pioneers of Rosesus , Ayaka Hanami here ;//w//; I might re-enroll-- >//3//< 

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Hi! It's been a while! So i've been inactive on dA since of rl activites and i feel really bad about not participating in this group. I was thinking about taking out my character from here but I'm not sure what to do. What do you guys suggest? 
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This group look soo interesting i wanna join!! but for some reason i feel like im not gonna get accepted. AKCat-panic (Acchi kocchi) AKCat-panic (Acchi kocchi) AKCat-panic (Acchi kocchi) 
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